About me - Sajad Sotudeh

Hello! I'm Sajad! I am a third-year Ph.D. student of Computer Science at Georgetown University where I'm advised by professor Nazli Goharian. Prior to joining Georgetown, I received my bachelor's degree from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. My broad research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Deep Learning. Here in Georgetown, I'm a member of IR Lab, and GUCL. Currently I'm doing some parallel projects involving text summarization on Medical and Scientific datasets.

I usually go by @sajastu in social media. You may find some of them down in the page. To contact me, you can directly shoot me an email at sajad@ir.cs.georgetown.edu


  • Got a paper accepted at SDP 2020 @ EMNLP 2020. The paper is done on Long Summarization of Scientific Documents.25 October, 2020
  • Our paper on offensive language detection is accpeted at SemEval-2020 happening at COLING 2020!20 May, 2020
  • I got one paper accepted at ACL 2020 conference. 4 April, 2020
  • I have 1 paper accepted at SIGIR 2019!! The paper is about Ontology-Aware Clinical Summarziation14 April, 2019


  • 2020
    • GUIR @ LongSumm 2020: Learning to Generate Long Summaries from Scientific Documents
      Sajad Sotudeh, Arman Cohan, and Nazli Goharian
      SDP @ EMNLP 2020
      Pdf bib slides
    • GUIR at SemEval-2020 Task 12: Domain-Tuned Contextualized Models for Offensive Language Detection
      Sajad Sotudeh*, Tong Xiang*, Hao-Ren Yao, Sean MacAvaney, Eugene Yang, Nazli Goharian, Ophir Frieder
      * Equal Contribution
      SemEval-2020 @ COLING 2020
      Pdf bib
    • Attend to Medical Ontologies: Content Selection for Clinical Abstractive Summarization
      Sajad Sotudeh, Nazli Goharian, and Ross W. Filice
      to appear at ACL 2020, Seattle, USA
      Pdf bib slides
  • 2019
    • Ontology-Aware Clinical Abstractive Summarization
      Sean McAvaney*, Sajad Sotudeh*, Arman Cohan, Nazli Goharian, Ish Talati, Ross W. Filice
      * Equal Contribution
      SIGIR 2019, Paris, France
      Pdf bib slides
    • Quality-aware Skill Translation Models for Expert Finding on StackOverflow
      Arash Dargahi Nobari, Mahmood Neshati, Sajad Sotudeh
      Information Systems
      Pdf bib
  • 2018
    • T-shaped Mining: A Novel Approach to Talent Finding for Agile Software Teams
      Sajad Sotudeh, Peyman Rostami, Mahmood Neshati
      ECIR 2018, Grenoble, France
      Pdf link bib
  • 2017
    • Skill Translation Models in Expert Finding
      Arash Dargahi Nobari, Sajad Sotudeh, Mahmood Neshati
      SIGIR 2017, Tokyo, Japan
      Pdf bib slides